Cyclone Amphan Response

Humanitarian assistance of NGF during Covid-19 & super cyclone Amphan Response Activities of NGF. For more details please click the link bellow;

Report on covid 19 and Amphan V4

Housing Program of NGF with the financial assistance of Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid Bangladesh Country Office (MABCO) provided financial support to the partner organization Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF) to build 47 cyclone Amphan resilient incremental houses with hygiene toilet and to provide hygiene kit to that same number of houses. Project has conducted  the key activities which are staff recruitment and orientation, procurement process of house construction, vendor selection, issuing work order to the vendors and engaging them for construction of the shelters, inception meeting, formation of project implementation committee, selection of beneficiaries and orientation of beneficiaries on personal health, hygiene and WASH, monitoring and follow up. Project has selected 47 households from the cyclone and flood affected 5 villages with the support of community led project implementation committee and local government.  The average household size is 3.94. Among the 185 members of 47 households, 5% is widow and 7% is PWD.At the beginning of the project, a dam was broken that made the saline water get in along with tidal surge, the adjacent entire area were submerged by the sea water. The connecting roads and HHs were inundated that did not allow the project to transport the construction materials to the selected houses. Project assumption was that the damaged part of the dam will be repaired and reconstructed by the respective authority before the project initiation and house construction. However, the dam was not repaired duly. However, the strong current made further damages to the dam. The dam’s intact part, till then, was tattered again that made the situation even worse. Considering the fact and with due approval from MAUK the project area and beneficiaries were revised where 2 new villages as well as 40 household were replaced, those 40 new households were selected from the area affected by the cyclone Amphan. From the previous lists, 7 household were kept in the new list and decided to continue the support as that area was  protected  from the water inundation because of a ring dam was made encircling the area.  In the process of building those incremental house and toilet, continuous follow up and monitoring systems were in place by both NGF and MABCO management to ensure the progress and quality.  Total 47 cyclone resilient incremental houses and hygiene toilet are completed and handed over to the 47 household along with 47 hygiene kits.

Picture of Cyclone resilient Housing