Micro-finance-Jagoron Program

Rural Microcredit (RMC) program, now renamed Jagoron focuses broadly on rural development. The target group of Jagoron is the rural poor who own an arable land less than 50 decimals or a total asset that is materially worth less than the value of one acre of land. The initial idea was to provide finance in favour of off-farm activities but with time and gradual expansion on-farm activities have also been supported finance in Jagoron program. Rural micro credit participants take different types of income generating activities under Jagoron program. NGF support both men and women under the Jagoron program .Every poor participant of Jagoron program has access to loans for the development of various sectors of income generating activities (IGAs) that include small trade, goat rearing, cow rearing, beef fattening, poultry rearing, homestead farming, paddy husking, fishing and fish culture, local transport, aquaculture, grocery, tailoring etc.