Water Pipeline Project

Despite being the largest delta, Bangladesh mostly depends on groundwater for drinking and dry season irrigation. However, Fresh water crisis is very acute in coastal area of Bangladesh especially, in Shyamnagor the largest coastal upazilla of the country. Due to climate change salt content in groundwater becomes higher. Even, arsenic contamination exacerbates the scarcity of safe water. Realizing the real scenario, ‘Multipurpose over truck Water Supply Project’ started at Atulia union as a target union of Shyamnagor upazila since 2013. Main objectives of the project is to generate water from ground water table by DHTW to meet up potable water demand. The project is also cover at irrigation field to supply of water. So far, achievement on regular supply of drinking water through pipe line to 300 Households in Atulia union and to ensure irrigation water supply in 100 acre farm lands for crop cultivation in dry season.

The major impacts of the project is to continuous irrigation water supply increased yield of 100 acre farm land of Atulia union what have positive impact in rolling the economy of the locality. Year round irrigation water supply not only decreased production cost but also increased production of the farmers. However, farmers purchasing ability increased and their social value too.

Secondly, water supply through pipe line to 300 Households at cheap rate women are now doing their entire household-chores at home and that touch of city- life make them more comfortable. As result, women in Atulia after completing their home-task can easily be engaged in income generating activities. By doing all tasks in little time, they are now getting spare time to take special care for their children’s education and health.