LIFT-Cuchia Project


In our country Monopterus cuchia generally known as cuche/cuchia/mud Eel. The freshwater mud eel is a tasteful, nutritionally rich and medicinally valuable fish with high export demands which can play a unique role for socio-economic welfare of the area. Mud eel found in plenty commonly in stagnant waters in mud-holes in shallow beels and boro-paddy fields with low oxygen content throughout the country of Bangladesh. The population of the freshwater eel are declining at an alarming rate from the natural water bodies due to several reasons specially for overfishing, climate change, drought, made upland sluice gate, flood control barrier making, water body convert into agricultural land, frequently use of pesticide and insecticide. Now the government of Bangladesh and different NGOs implement Cuchia related different projects to conserve and existing available in nature by culture. Project working areas are consider under more suitable for culture freshwater and saline water mud eel specially Shyamnagar and Kaligonj upazila under Satkhira district and koyra upazila under Khulna district.

NGF has implemented natural breeding, family based cuchia culture and fattening in LIFT project related working area to create employment opportunity as well as conserve the species from extinct. The main objectives of the project is to create employment of poor people by the way of opportunity/scope in natural breeding and establishment of household base Kuchia farming in the selected areas.

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