ENRICH Project


ENRICH is a programme conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor based on a ‘One Union One PO’ principle. NGF has been implementing Atulia Union under Shyamanagar, Satkhira since 2010. The programme targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills. ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc, the goal being sustainable development driven by the people themselves.


By working with selected households in association with the local government and committed stakeholders, ENRICH catalyses the households’ efforts to lift them out of poverty. The overall goal of the programme is to ensure human dignity and freedom by gradually reducing poverty in a sustainable manner, towards total elimination at the household and community level in the unions, and ultimately, throughout the country. Access to appropriate technology, as well as access to health and education services, will ensure increase in productivity, allowing them optimize returns from market operations. It is crucial for the success of this programme that the households themselves are eager and willing to pave the road to their development, a task which requires time, hard work and patience. Their commitment coupled with their collaboration with PKSF and NGF, a feature unique to ENRICH, will ensure the success of their endeavors. Today, ENRICH established a successful union of Atulia and continues to expand it outreach.




In track with ENRICH’s philosophy, many programmes have been established for both household and community development. Our outstanding programs and features have been highlighted below.

Community based initiative/ program v WASH Facilities-Establishment of Pond sand filter, Tube-well and Sanitary latrine

v Bridge and culvert construction and repair

v Social infrastructure development for disaster risk reduction

v “ENRICH” ward committee formation and set-up “ENRICH” center

v Community need based other possible activities implementation

Family based initiative/program v Financial Support (Asset Creation, Livelihood development and sustainable Income generating Loan)

v  Primary Health Service (Household visit, Static & Satellite Clinic and Referral Service)

v Educational Program (Check Dropout)

v Homestead gardening

v Medicinal tree (Bashak) plantation program

v Establish vermicompost production center

v Beggar rehabilitation program

v Bandhu cula program, Solar home system program

v Create employment opportunities (For Youth)

v Training (Awareness and Income Generating)

v To increase savings & assets (special savings program)

v Ensure other need based Supports

Cooperation, coordination & Linkages Activities v Linkage with (Union Council, Upazila Parishad and Member of Parliament)

v Coordination with different government institutions and representatives

v Linkage with national and international non-government organizations

v Coordination with service center and individuals

v Bridging with related development programs

v Coordination with others related program of PKSF