Drinking Water Supply Project


Safe drinking water crisis is a common problems in the southwest coastal areas of Bangladesh. Tube well is not successful in this area due to the excess saline in ground water. Deep tube well contains fresh water but it also soar high concentration of iron and arsenic. In this situation, people of this area are habituate to drink pond water and seasonal rainwater, which are the main source of pathogenic virus and bacteria. So, 60% people of this locality are severely affected by water borne diseases. Commercial mineral water in pet bottles are available but that are not affordable to poor and ultra people. Beside, every year these people are suffering from flood, drought, salinity, cyclone and other several natural calamities. Different GOs and NGOs have taken some step to supply drinking water for these people but that is not sufficient to fulfill the demand of huge number of people. However, the pure drinking water crisis in this area is not only for the poor but it is a general issue for all community.


Considering the situation, Nowabenki Gonomukhi Foundation (NGF) has been implementing different solution for ensure drinking water supply projects in the coastal areas; the following projects has been implementing to supply safe drinking water  the beneficiaries;

  • Desalination Water Treatment Plant through River Osmosis Process
  • Rain water harvesting Plant by Plastic Tank distribution
  • Pond Sand Filter
  • Multipurpose overhead Tank through water pipeline and
  • Deep Tube Well based on availability of groundwater aquifer
  • Solar System River Osmosis Plant.