Crab Hatchery Development Project

Crab Hatchery-002

Earlier decades, capture and culture of mud crab business  has been expanding due to the high economic value of the species and its export potentialities in the international market. In view of high value species, crab sub-sector is growing rapidly depending on the nature. So that the sub-sector is still vulnerable due to depending on nature for collecting crab let. Considering the export market demand and sector growth potential, NGF had tried crab let production in 2013 under FEDEK Project that encouraged project team for further explore.

For the FY 2016-2017, PACE Project launched by PKSF funded by IFAD. The PKSF and NGF high officials has conducted a exposure visit on earlier success of VietNam Crab Hatchery Sector. The study team has finding out a technical expert team from VietNam and the team conducted a feasibility study of crab hatchery establishment in Bangladesh.

Finally, VietNam Team, PKSF and NGF Project Team has achieved a significant result on producing artificial crab let by establishing NGF Crab Hatchery which were considered 1st time achievement in Bangladesh. After successful production of Crab Let, Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairmen, PKSF had visited NGF Crab Hatchery on 27th August’16 at Callbari Bazar, Burigoalini, Shyamnagar, Satkhira. After visit the crab hatchery, he has launched crab let production success which is 1st time achievement in Bangladesh on hatchery crab let production. He thanked to NGF Team and VietNam Team for the success of crab let production. Md. Abdul Kaim, Managing Director, PKSF, Phum Thi Hong, Executive Director, CECD, VietNam and Md. Lutfor Rahman, Executive Director, NGF was present in the crab let release program.

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